Kelsey’s dressKaitlin’s DressKaitlin’s dressbriannas-dress.jpgMelon and Black DressBlack and Red Flower DressK’s DressJen’s dressBlue and Green SoloHibiscus Dress

Here are a few of the dresses that I’ve made throughout the last two years.  I don’t have a picture of my first dress but then that was a learning process.  I love the path that the trend in Irish dance solo dresses is taking as far as designs.  It seems that there are many variations on the styles out there.  But, there also seems to be a trend towards some styles that are not dancer friendly, but just pretty to look at.  I think that it is absurd to not consider how a dress will dance when designing it. 

My current challenge is to make a soft skirted, panel dress that moves well and enhances the dancer’s movements.  Whether or not I accomplish that is still a work in progress.

I hope to post more as I learn more about this blogging process