Yet another attempt at a soft skirt dress.  I think I was able to accomplish what I set out to do and this dress has become my new favorite.  The underskirt is lined with net which gives it enough stiffness yet allows it to move as a regular skirt would.  Overall, this dress went together relatively smoothly.  My embroidery machine didn’t give me fits.  In fact, I purchased a new machine halfway through this process.  I use the term “purchase” loosely as I still have to finish paying on it, but the store gave me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

This was the first time I used a full length zipper and I really liked it.  I accidentally bought a two way zipper but it works just fine.  Another first was making a detachable panel to cover the zipper in the back.  Susan Gowin suggested sewing the panel on one side and then making the other side attach with velcro.  It seems to work fine and the continuity of the panels is kept all the way around the dress.

This is also the first time I’ve made a dress that has a tutu/crinoline as an optional accessory.  I’m not sure which look is my favorite.  The tutu/crinoline gives it an obvious fullness but I do like the way the dress looks without it.  Maybe it’s just a matter of taste, but at least the dress has options!

On to the next dress…..