The latest dress is finished after a 2 month sabbatical (from dressmaking) of playing in the woods of Northern Ontario. 

This dress has an extremely full skirt with the embroidered panels stitched to the top layer of the skirt.  The skirt is made up of three layers of almost 6 yards of fabric in each as it is very tightly gathered.  The gathered skirt is attached to a small yoke which is attached to the underbodice.  The underbodice is my favorite part as I love the bright colors of the paisley.  I’m using it on the bloomers so it will give the dress, as my daughter says, a little “oh snap” when the dancer kicks up.

The bodice fabric is a green satin that has little diamond like sparkles all over it that I think will catch the lights quite nicely.  This is definitely one of the smaller dresses that I have made but out of all the dresses, I think it will be able to be altered the easiest.  It’s the only dress I’ve ever made that could be hemmed from the bottom and there is plenty of let out in the bodice as well.

Now on to the customs and I will post more as go along as these dresses have some unique construction aspects