Here are a few of the dresses that I’ve made this year.  I spend my summers in Canada so I don’t make any dresses during that time, but that means a flurry of pre-Oireachtas dresses in the fall.  I did two full dresses this fall and 3 skirt re-dos.  The skirt re-dos are almost as much work as a full dress but you don’t have as many bodice fitting issues.  The first two pictures are of two of the skirt re-dos.  One was for a dress that I had made for a customer and the original dress was a bit too short and out of style.  The second re-do was a little more difficult as I was not the original dressmaker.  It involved adding length to the bodice in addition to making a totally new skirt.

The new year is upon us and already I’ve got deadlines for 3 more dresses.  It is a blessing to be able to have work and support for this crazy business of Irish dance dressmaking.   Happy New Year to all and may 2011 be a special year.